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Welcome to Infinite Finds, a 501C3 established November of 2017 by Melissa Bates. The Infinite Finds’ model blossomed from Melissa’s love of healthcare and her 25 years of experience in the field as a senior placement agent.

Over the years it became apparent that healthcare decisions were not always being made in the patients best interests. Insurance and money determine who can and can’t be treated in traditional medicine. In changing times insurance companies delegate the number of patients practitioners must see and how long the appointments will be. Unfortunately, the time allowed doesn’t give practitioners a chance to really engage with patients and come up with a holistic healthcare plan.

I am truly moved by the wonderful people I have met in this community. I appreciate the history some have shared of their experience with an aging parent, family member, friend. I appreciate the donated items and their story to pass on to another. Our mission is to make someone's past another's future (benefiting the local community). I have seen this happen in the store multiple times. These times made my heart sing, and my eyes water. I am grateful to be starting Infinite Finds, and see first hand the start of the rewards of being a community service. 

Melissa Bates

Owner, Director