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Melissa Bates has been fortunate to connect with countless families and patients seeking information, options and answers. Melissa has 25 years of experience in health care and 18 years as a Senior Placement Agent. During that time she saw the vital need to bridge the health care gap for seniors needing care and Infinite Finds was formed.

In these changing times of healthcare, families need caring support with a holistic approach that engages patients with heartfelt & individual care.

"I am truly moved by the wonderful people I have met in this community. I appreciate the history some have shared of their experience with an aging parent, family member, friend. I appreciate the donated items and their story to pass on to another. Our mission is to make someone's past another's future. I am grateful for the growth of Infinite Finds and to see firsthand the rewards of being a community service. We are touching the lives of those in need!

Melissa Bates


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