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Infinite Finds is bridging the gap for those in need of long-term care.


Need 24-hour care due to

Traumatic Injury,

Chronic or Terminal Illness?

Melissa Bates has been fortunate to connect with countless families and patients seeking information, options, and answers. Melissa has 25 years of experience in health care and 18 years as a Senior Placement Agent. During that time, she saw the vital need to bridge the financial gap for patients needing long-term care. 

In these changing times of healthcare, families need caring support with a holistic approach  that engages patients with heartfelt & individual care.

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"I am truly moved by the wonderful people I have met in this community. I appreciate the history some have shared of their experience with an aging parent, family member, friend. I appreciate the donated items and their story to pass on to another. Our mission is to make someone's past another's future. I am grateful for the growth of Infinite Finds and to see firsthand the rewards of being a community service. We are touching the lives of those in need!

Melissa Bates


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"I do not even know how to put into words the gratitude I have for Melissa and her team. I was languishing away in a one star Medicare rated facility just outside of Memphis Tennessee wondering if I was ever going to be able to see my family again in Arizona. Through the grace of God, our family came in contact with her and her team and within days Infinite Finds provided me with the resources needed to cover the gap while waiting for my ALTCS application to go through as well as placement in a beautiful facility.  Melissa actually took the time to come out and get to know me, provided me with much needed clothing and also continued to act as an advocate in a number of different ways. In today’s world, she is a beacon in the fog for individuals in situations such as mine. My thankfulness and gratitude for Melissa will forever be in my heart. This is an individual that truly cares about other people. Again, I just cannot thank Melissa enough for her kindness in helping a complete stranger. She is giving me the gift of hope again and that is something that is priceless. Thank you Melissa for doing what you do."  J.C.

Infinite Finds is bringing
HOW we raise funds for Seniors TO Seniors.
Your shopping helps us fund current and future patients.

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We are taking future bookings for our
Thrift Boutique Pop Up & Pick up.
Call  (480) 221-3464


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Your ongoing, one-time, or monthly donation helps us to

bridge the financial gap for those needing long-term care.

Looking for 24-hour care due to a Long Term, Chronic Illness

or Traumatic Injury, pending ALTCS approval?

The following information must be submitted to Infinite Finds for consideration: 

1.) Copy of filed ALTCS application.

2.) Must disclose financial need for state assistance with proof of monthly income and all documentation submitted to ALTCS.

Start the process with a personal phone consultation.

Melissa Leigh Bates

(480) 221-3464

Nurse and Patient
Press & Hold
to make a call

Once approved for funding, Infinite Finds will communicate with all

health care providers and family to coordinate discharge and placement.

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